Residential    Demolition

We do both interior  strip outs,  dismantling, deconstruction and total demolition for our residential jobs. Demko Demolition has been trusted to complete demolition projects in some of San Diego’s most prestigious homes and estates in addition to  earning an excellent reputation for our professional staff and impeccably clean work.  We handle fire damage remediation, lead removal,  excavation and land clearing.


Commercial  Demolition

With over 40 years of experience working in some of San Diego’s most prestigious office buildings, homes and estates, we have earned an excellent reputation for our hard working and professional staff, our impeccably clean work sites and round the clock customer care from start to finish. Most commercial  projects require more than big crews and powerful equipment -- they require special skills and expertise that go beyond ordinary demolition. Demko has fully trained and certified operators to handle controlled demolition projects and building demolition services. 


Tenant Improvement/ Interior

Strip Out

 Our interior division are recognized  as specialists in commercial, industrial and institutional interior strip-outs. We have mastered the procedures necessary to ensure our projects are  clean, completed on time, and finished without disrupting concurrent business operations.  An interior strip-out is a demolition of the interior of a building, taking out all structures save for the supporting columns. This means that everything inside the building is stripped down to its essential supports so that it can be redesigned to create new space for offices, working areas, and other types of rooms. 


Site Work/ Cement & Concrete Removal

Demko is equipped will all of the machinery and tools necessary  for  saw cutting and site work. We specialize in  concrete,  asphalt, and cement removal.


Deconstruction/ Selective Demolition

 Demko has had experience over the past 25 years in deconstruction, and selective demolition. It is a popular alternative to completely tearing down a building. When an owner wants to preserve a historical  structure, historic  restoration and in cases of a structurally sound building, but an interior remodeling is desired, deconstruction/selective demolition is choice. 


Cleanup, Hauling & Rubbish Removal

With our specialized equipment, Demko is able to provide fast and clean demolition along with hauling for all  trash, rubbish and debris. Junk removal for both residential and commercial projects.


C&D Recycling&  Architectural Salvage

 Demko has extensive experience with the County of San Diego’s C&D Recycling Program. The ordinance requires that the majority of construction, demolition and remodeling projects requiring building, combination and demolition permits pay a refundable C&D Debris Recycling Deposit and divert their debris by recycling, reusing or donating usable materials. Our staff is experienced in the job site and administrative aspects of this program, making it a seamless process for our customers. Demko also salvages various building materials and reusable items from jobsites.


Hazardous Testing & Asbestos & Lead Abatement

Demko Demolition has established close and long lasting business relationships with leading  hazardous testing companies and asbestos and lead abatement companies. These relationships allow for us to subcontract abatement work at a very  low cost to our customer.